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Rose Hips Vs Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C vs. Rose Hips

What are Rose Hips? Rose hips are wild plants that have been traditionally used as a medicinal compound for the treatment of disease [1]. The therapeutic capabilities of the rose hips is based on its antioxidant properties. Their antioxidant activity is due to the content of polyphenols, Vitamins C, E, and B and carotenoids [1]. […]


Liposomal Vitamin C and its Role in Covid-19 Recovery

What is a Liposome? Liposomes are manufactured, hollow, spherical vesicles composed of a lipid bilayer [1]. Pharmaceuticals and/or dietary supplements are loaded into the liposome in order to enhance intestinal absorption after ingestion. There for, liposomal delivery is the act of delivering pharmaceuticals and supplements via a liposome. [image 1] The vitamin is placed in […]

Covid19 Symptoms

Prevent serious Covid-19 disease by knowing the symptoms!

What is Covid-19? At this point in the global pandemic, we have all heard the words “Covid-19” a multitude of times. But what is Covid-19? It is an infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which comes from a family of viruses known as the coronaviruses. There have been many previous coronaviruses that only cause mild […]

Overcome Vitamin C Deficiency
Vitamin C

Am I Vitamin C Deficient? How can I prevent it and treat it?!

What is vitamin C deficiency? Vitamin C deficiency, how do we recognize it? What can we do to prevent it or treat it? Liposomal Vitamin C by OPTIMUNITY may be the answer. Vitamin C deficiency is also known as scurvy, and is usually associated with socioeconomic status and/or limited access to healthy food. This results […]

How much of Vitamin C is too much
Vitamin C

Can Vitamin C be too Much of a GOOD Thing?

First, what is Vitamin C? Water-soluble vitamin; essential for all humans. One of vitamin C’s most known functions is the support of immune health. Vitamin C supports various cellular functions of both the adapt and innate immune system [8]. Now more than ever, we need our immune systems to be functioning optimally!  Vitamin-C refers to […]

Vegetable Chicken Soup
Immune System

10 Home Remedies to Boost Immune System

With various infectious microorganisms roaming the place, you must keep your immune system strong enough to fight these invaders. There are many ways for you to boost your immune system. You may have heard of taking supplements, exercising, and carrying out other practices to get your immune system in the best state possible. However, in […]

Herbs That boost Immune System

10 Herbs That Boost Immune System

The immune system is widespread and complex, unlike other systems in your body. There are no distinct organs and tissues. Scientists do not even fully understand how the immune system operates and how we can fully utilize it to fight invading microorganisms. However, researchers have learned some things about the immune system so far. One […]

Drinks That Boost Immune System

10 Drinks That Can Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus and Flus

For several months now, one of the highest searched queries on search engines is how to boost the immune system. And we all know why. There’s a virus out there taking lives, and we all have to be safe from it. While drinks may not help you stay safe and avoid contracting the coronavirus, you […]

Immune System

10 Ways To Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus(COVID19)

The coronavirus has not stopped spreading. For months now, almost everyone has had a mask over their faces, trying to avoid contracting the virus. But we know that just one slip up may lead to an infection. Sometimes you unknowingly remove your mask and someone around you coughs or sneezes. Other times, you touch contaminated […]

Lifestyle changes to boost your immune system
Immune System

11 Necessary Lifestyle Changes To Boost Immune System

Getting a better immune system is necessary, especially in times like this when there’s a virus taking lives. While you may think you’re doing everything possible to stay healthy such as washing your hands and staying two feet away from people in crowded areas, there’s a lot more you can do to keep yourself safe. […]

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